Underwater Camera Operation

Underwater rock running with female athlete

A girl underwater rock training. Hypoxic training is used for increasing lung capacity and to increase body performance when starved for oxygen.

The world as it is known across all the lands is vast and plentiful. But once you start to discover under the surface of the oceans, the diversity and complexity of the ecosystems really opens up.

Our experience with underwater work has completely taken place in the tropics so far. Commissioned work includes some stunning sequences for documentary film and journalism projects, promotional material for diving schools and resorts in the Maldives, plus a range of water based sports and activity.

We like to work with the client to explore the ways in which underwater or water based themes can be utilized into a production to add that desirable element. And this need not be in the natural world, as most lately we have even shot some scenes with indoor swimming pools for hotels and luxury real estate.

Company director and filmmaker Alexander Brown took his first breaths underwater in England, while he took a crash course in diving before the production of his first documentary film which was shooting in the Maldives. The following years led to a whole new passion, that being life under the waves.

BasementVision partnered with conservation organisation http://www.arkipal.org, chairwoman Mascha Blome, to better understand these fragile paradises. The joint team successfully started planting artificial coral reef frames around local islands in the Maldives where the natural reef had degraded due to varying factors. The action was documented by our cameras and hopefully we will be able to return in a few years to monitor the growth and progress.

Coral frames in Maldives

Coral frames placed on the reefs surround a local island in the Maldives, in order to regenerate destroyed habitat.

Cover image for Solutions Journal May 2015, shot by Alexander Brown

Cover image for Solutions Journal May 2015, shot by Alexander Brown

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