Video production

We have the skill and creative knowledge to take care of every stage of the video production process. You’ll work directly with our producer and director to turn your idea or script into a workable plot for a commercial video. We’ll walk you through all of the stages covering pre-production, production and lastly into post-production. Producing a video is more than filming a few scenes and then cutting some music over the top to say the very least, but you know that. A sense of story and adventure can be seen in all of our short or long form videos which connects your viewer emotionally to your message.

HD video interview for a shoot in New Zealand Our work has been used with great effect for the online web style of video promotion which is most typically seen through brand engagement on social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and others. We also cover live events, sports, TVC, travel, tourism, corporate, real estate and more.

The shooters both in house and freelance that we use for our productions are all trained in the latest high definition (HD) cinematic and broadcast cameras ranging from DSLR to XDCAM. We also take pride in being able to offer an all-in resource for additional work that includes underwater filming, aerial drone filming and sound production which is all essential to make up a complete piece of film.

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BasementVision’s editing department work on multiple platforms that include Adobe Premiere, Final Cut and AVID Media Composer so that we can cater for all types of existing productions and future ones. Our portfolio includes examples of both online and offline editing, colour correction, audio editing and sound production. Our work also extends into graphics and animation, plus photo editing. We are adapt to working on the go, meaning that we are usually editing in the field or on location in order to maximize upon productivity.

Editing in Apple Final Cut

Editing in Apple Final Cut

We take on a lot of post-production work that can be transferred by hard drive or via our Dropbox server, providing you with skilled editors at short notice.

Many of our productions can be found on the links below and in our own portfolio.

Video production portfolio

Photographic gallery