Passionate, digital, content creation.

Established many years ago as a small group of passionate digital content creators for the extreme sports industry, BasementVision traveled the globe to shoot some stunning images documenting the amazing world we live in. Whether you live to surf over tropical coral reefs, or scale ice walls in the mountains, we have been there with our cameras gaining first hand experience in media production. Ex-Professional kite surfer, Alexander Brown, secured funding and setup BasementVision during 2003. Used initially as an outlet for his extreme sports movies, he went onto traveling to a vast range of locations across the globe to produce an array of web promotional content.

Our head office, registered in London UK, is a really useful space for things like collecting mail and bills. The reality is that we once set out to make films and never looked back. We roam free, creative freedom is our mission.

Currently operating from Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

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